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A trusted community of institutional-grade fund managers and investment professionals

Create relationships with expert investors and invest in their funds at no additional cost.
Sophia Amoroso
Trust Fund
Herb Greenberg
Empire Financial Research
Mikey Taylor
Mike Wang
Bryan Goligoski
Stillwater Capital, LLC
Eric Rosen
The Rosen Report
Jordi Visser
Weiss Multi Strategy Advisers
Laks Ganapathi
Unicus Research
Jim Schwartz
Harvey Partners
Peter Avellone
Cartenna Capital
Robert Mullin
Marathon Resource Advisors
Alex Beinfield
Blue Duck Capital
David Ferreio
Times Square
AG Dillon
Jackie Fast
Dan Zwirn
Arena Investors LP
Drew Leahy
Hawke Ventures
Jarrett Christie
Vibrant Ventures
Mitch Baruchowitz
Merida Capital Holdings
Kyle Bass
Conservation Equity Management
Noha Sidhom
Virbius Fund
Phlip Giordana
Warren Fisher

An alternatives marketplace that streamlines the investment process

Easily evaluate investment opportunities

Access manager content, performance, and due diligence materials.

Reduce friction in the investing cycle

Launch feeder funds that enable lower minimums and utilize seamless digital subscriptions.

A social network of investment industry professionals

Insights and analysis from verified experts

Real-time intelligence to inform your investing decisions.

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