Community Guidelines

Date of Last Revision: November 24, 2021


Welcome to Prometheus, a professional social network for alternative fund managers to talk directly with investors. As part of our mission to implement #radicaltransparency in an industry previously shrouded in mystery, we ask that all members use their real names and if applicable, identify their positions at companies and on fund management teams. We are fortunate to have many industry leaders participating in our community. Please be respectful of each other’s thoughts and converse as you would in person.

We strive to create an environment that encourages full and frank discussion of current events in the investment community, potential strategies, risks, opportunities and the entire investment ecosphere while protecting our members from harassment, fostering an inclusive environment, and observing all laws and regulations regarding intellectual property, investments and securities. To that end, Prometheus has developed the following community rules and guidelines. Prometheus reserves the right to terminate users who, in their sole discretion, do not abide by the community guidelines or otherwise are responsible for inhibiting the goals of Prometheus and this Site. These Community Guidelines are in addition to Prometheus' Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Prometheus relies on its users to report behavior that violates its Terms and Conditions as well as these Community Guidelines. If you see a post or a user that you believe is in violation of Prometheus’ rules, please report them by clicking the link on the three dot menu of the offending post.

  1. Violence, Threats, and Criminal Behavior Prometheus is committed to the safety and security of its user base. Anything that undermines this value will be removed, and users that violate the safety or security of another user will be banned. This includes posting any information that could lead a user to be targeted or otherwise harassed in the real world, any post that glorifies or threatens violence, sexual assault, exploitation, coercion, self-harm, or any other post or behavior that (in our sole discretion) threatens the mental or physical health or safety of any user. Prometheus has no tolerance for child sexual exploitation, advocation of violence or extremism, or violations of the humanity or dignity of its users. You may not use Prometheus for any unlawful purpose or to facilitate any violation of any law. Users who do so will be immediately terminated.
  2. Privacy You must respect each user’s personal privacy. Users are prohibited from doxxing or posting any other person’s personal information without that individual’s explicit consent. Users are prohibited from posting photographs or videos without the permission of every identifiable individual appearing in those pictures or videos. Users are further prohibited from sharing any personally identifiable information for any user or individual discussed on the Site, including social security or drivers license numbers, home addresses, phone numbers, license plates, digital identities, passport numbers or photos, or anything else that could be used to identify or appropriate the identity of another user.
  3. Intellectual Property Prometheus expects its users to abide by and respect the intellectual property rights of its other users and the public at large, including copyright and trademark. A copy of the Site’s DMCA policy can be found here. Trademark complaints can be directed to
  4. Investment Advice Prometheus is not a forum to give or receive particularized investment advice. Do not post investment advice or recommendations regarding specific securities or other products. If you see advertising, advice, or recommendations, do not believe them. Buyer, Seller, and User beware. You are solely responsible for evaluating the merits and risks associated with the use of any Content provided through the Service before making any decisions based on such Content.
  5. Security, Financial Product or Market Manipulation Prometheus is not a forum for manipulation or misinformation on securities, financial products or the financial markets, whether you are attempting to cause manipulation or not. Therefore do not engage in any activity with the intention to artificially manipulate the market or the performance of a security or any financial product. It is also encouraged that for any posts you make about a security, you disclose any positions you may have in that security.
  6. Accredited Investor – User Restricted Areas Access to certain areas of Prometheus may be restricted to accredited investors only (“User Restricted Areas”). You will have to complete an investor questionnaire and qualify as an accredited investor in order to view Content and Services in the User Restricted Areas. You may not share or disclose any information obtained in the User Restricted Areas with any non-accredited investors.
  7. Advertising, Solicitation, Dishonesty, and Spam Prometheus does not permit spam, or behavior designed to artificially manipulate the visibility of particular content, users, or posts. Prometheus likewise does not permit the dissemination of knowingly false information, misinformation, or advertising disguised as discussion. Prometheus does not permit the impersonation of other users, individuals, groups, or any organizations in any fashion that is likely to mislead the general public or to otherwise cause harm to others.