An innovative tech platform that brings investors and alternative fund managers together to connect quickly, simply, and socially.

A seamless way
to connect

Prometheus brings everyday investors and professional alternative fund managers together, fixing the problem of visibility and access to new opportunities in a way that suits both.

A trove of digestible investment insights

A customizable feed of thoughtful content from investment professionals enables users to make empowered investment decisions.

A way to see the faces behind the funds

Investors meet and engage with the people whose ideas and foresight determine how their money can be put to work.

A community of
credible voices

On this unique social network, investment professionals and investors can discuss funds' past performance and detail the philosophies that will shape their future.

Meet our Founder

Meet our Founder

Michael Wang founded Prometheus around a belief he has held since childhood—that everyone should have access to information and investment opportunities that have only been accessible to a select few.

After witnessing his parents realize their American dream by trading stocks and investing in real estate, Mike set his sights on the presidency of his high school investing club. Mike later attended New York University's Stern School of Business, where he majored in finance with a minor in psychology.

Following a two-year stint in mergers and acquisitions at Citigroup, Mike came to SAC Capital Advisors in 2007, becoming a senior analyst at the Connecticut-based firm. In 2012, Mike left SAC to become a principal at Tourbillion Capital Partners, helping the alternative asset management firm grow to $2B.

After three years of contributing to Tourbillion's success, LA-based Cypress Funds asked Mike to join them as a portfolio manager and co-managing partner was named one of Institutional Investor's Hedge Fund Rising Stars in 2016.

In early 2020, Mike left the Cypress Funds to found Prometheus and address the asymmetry of information and accessibility gap that exists between institutions and millions of everyday investors.

Michael Wang.
CEO and Founder

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