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Exposure to innovative, alternative funds, lower investment minimums, and a defrictionized process enable investors to put their money to work in a simpler, smoother way than ever before.

"I love the mission of Prometheus to democratize access to alternative investments and opportunities and help break down investment concepts and opportunities for a wider audience."

David J Namdar. General Partner at Coral DeFi, Co-Founder of NFT.com.


Prometheus makes it easier than ever to generate buzz about innovative alternative funds, enabling managers to raise capital from investors with a growing appetite for investing in alternatives.

"Prometheus is a groundbreaking platform that's casting aside long-held industry taboos. As an emerging manager, gaining access to a relevant marketplace of potential investors is huge."

Emmet Peppers. Founder - Good Soil Investment Management


Registered investment advisors discover emerging and established managers of all
strategies via the Prometheus platform. Timely insights and education from some of the top investors give them everything they need to make the best decisions for their clients.

"The true benefit of finding new sources for investing is greater than the financial benefit alone. Behind the numbers are my clients, and I have the opportunity to make their lives better."

Laura Lam.
Registered Investment Advisor.

Content Creators

Using Prometheus, content creators are able to post material that demystifies the economic forces shaping our world and foster greater financial literacy for those that join our community.

"I'm a big believer in disruptive approaches to content, and Prometheus checks all of the boxes. The real draw is the core audience—some of the brightest names in the financial industry."

Herb Greenberg.

Social Users

Using our app, anyone and everyone can learn from—and engage with—credible investment professionals for free and bank life-changing knowledge.

"As a college student, I have a vested interest in learning more about finances and budgeting, but investing has always intimidated me. While I'm not in a place to invest in traditional or alternative products right now, I want to learn as much as I can so that I will be ready when I am."

Becca Cavanagh.

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