Conflicts of Interest Disclosure

Date of Last Revision: January 12, 2023

It’s helpful to understand that Prometheus means Prometheus Alternative Investments, Inc., and its in-application and web experiences with its family of wholly owned subsidiaries, which includes Prometheus Financial, LLC, Prometheus Financial Advisors, LLC, Prometheus Access Administrator, LLC and Studio Prometheus, LLC.

With that, we wanted to share that there is no cost to access the Prometheus platform and Prometheus does not charge its customers commissions or any fees or costs to invest in an offering on the Prometheus platform. 

Prometheus's affiliates, Prometheus Financial Advisors, LLC (a registered investment advisor) and Prometheus Financial, LLC (a registered broker dealer) may charge fees to the issuer of the offering. 

It’s important to understand that the issuer of an offering on the Prometheus platform however, may have it's own fees and costs that an investor may pay indirectly or directly to the issuer. These fees and costs can be found in the issuer's offering materials. 

Since we are compensated by issuers, we have a conflict of interest in that we have an incentive to sell securities from which we stand to profit most. When we receive fees based on the number or size of transactions, we have an incentive to encourage an investor to transact more often or in larger amounts.

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Lastly, it’s of note that an associated person (or persons) of Prometheus Alternative Investments, Inc. currently is a partner and/or invested in Vibrant Ventures, Blue Duck Capital and Cartenna Capital therefore a conflict of interest exists due this fact as well.